Public Course Apr20: Simulation for Process Control Engineers

Public Course Apr20: Simulation for Process Control Engineers

  • 31st March to 2nd April 2020
  • Barcelona

Practical training course for Process Control engineers who want to make use of process simulation (Steady-State and Dynamic) for their daily work

Process Engineers are heavy users of simulation tools to design new processes or revamps, and mostly all simulation training courses are designed for them. However, there is almost no specific simulation courses targeted for Process Control Engineers, who can make use of the simulation tools to perform specific control tasks with the help of a simulator.

The course is intended for control and APC engineers who wants to get introduced to the uses of process simulation oriented for control

The attendee should have in mind the followings points in order to fully benefit from the course:

  • No previous contact with process simulation is required for the course
  • Basic chemical engineering background or equivalent process plant experience is required
  • Knowledge of process control fundamentals
  • Basic knowledge of control/operation of distillation columns
  • Desirable 1-2 years experience in process control roles