ITOP: Inprocess Training for Operators

ITOP is a new approach for training operators and young engineers in subjects like Process Engineering and Unit Operations. This approach combines process simulation based exercises with classroom training and motivates the attendees to experience complex theory through hands-on exercises

  • Through ITOP the operators gain better process understanding, leading to increased plant reliability
    and improvement in overall operator performance, as well as improved ability to operate the plants in a
    safe way
  • ITOP can be adapted to be aligned to support the company’s existing training strategy
  • ITOP proves to the authorities the investment in operators knowledge to operate safely
  • ITOP can be installed locally or in the cloud

Today, one of the most critical concerns in the process industry is to maintain and improve the know-how required to safely and efficiently operate the process plants.Inprocess has extended existing training concepts by developing an innovative program combining class-room training and PC-based exercises. By doing this, Inprocesshas generated synergies that bring to the operator, chemical and process  engineering concepts applicable to any plant, while learning the principles of all unit operations, and without needing access to a complex and costly plant training environment.

Please download the ITOP technical description document in the following link:


ITOP: Inprocess Training for Operators