Dynamic Simulation Study for the Chilling Water Network of a Refinery

  • 2015
  • Refining
  • Spanish Refinery

The current cooling water circuit of Olefins plant consists of 9 refrigeration cells, 4 pumps and various collectors that distribute water to consumers of Olefins plants, hydrogenation of pyrolysis gasoline, benzene plant and spent soda caustic treatment.

A 1991 hydraulic study determined the distribution of cooling water and checked that all the exchangers received a rate higher than required for process water. In this study the benzene plant and the treatment of soda caustic were not included because these units were subsequently installed. Additionally, the circuit had 3 pumps and 8 cells.
The aim of current project is to reproduce in a dynamic simulation the hydraulic calculation made previoulsy by using a tool that allows easy modifications by users trained to update the study to the current installation.

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