Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Today’s concerns in the Oil & Gas industry are based on the following key performance indicators: safety, time to first oil, return on capital investment, production growth and production cost. Process Simulation is widely applied in the Oil & Gas industry to improve those KPIs. Inprocess has been supporting its clients by developing model-based applications or executing modelling projects.

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Related cases of success

  • Steady State Simulation of pipeilines in a Bolivian O&G field
    • 2015
    • Bolivia
    • Oil & Gas
    • O&G Field Operator in Bolivia

    With the objective of making production forecast for different future scenarios, without making physical shunting in the field, Inprocess' client required an integrated steady state simulation model.
    Client expects to later integrate the steady state pipeline model developed by Inprocess with a reservoir simulation model (already owned by client) in order to obtain an integrated simulation system which allows to study different production scenarios

  • Process Trainer for a Brazilian FPSO
    • 2015
    • Brazil
    • Oil & Gas
    • Dutch Exploration and Production Company

    A previously developed training system for a syster FPSO will be adapted to the operating conditions of current FPSO. New exercises, new procedures, other small scenarios were developed and incorporated into this new Process Trainer.
    Associated with the development of the tool, there were also operator training sessions, led by Inprocess instructors, at client site

  • Dynamic Simulation Study for a FPSO to be installed in Ghana coast
    • 2015
    • Ghana
    • Oil & Gas
    • British FPSO Operating Company

    To develop and deliver a dynamic simulation model of the entiry processing facility starting from the Top of Riser (ToR) ESD Valve through to the cargo tanks.
    To confirm the behaviour of the systems unde a number of defined procedural and production upset conditions including but not limiteed to start up, shut down (normal & emergency), turndown, sudden loss of refirgerant, loss of cooling and/ or heating medium, sinability to export gas due to sudden shutdown of the plant.

  • Dynamic Simulation Study for a Development Project
    • 2015
    • Ghana
    • Oil & Gas
    • Norwegian Engineering Company

    Inprocess will develop three dynamic simulation models of the compression, produced water and sea water systems. Inprocess will detail the results obtained when testing the process control and protection devices by means of dynamic simulation.

  • Dynamic Studies and Tech assistance at a Venezuelan Oil&Gas site
    • 2015
    • Venezuela
    • Oil & Gas
    • Spanish-Italian Joint Venture operating Venezuelan Oil&Gas fields

    Client requires inprocess to deliver process simulated on-site support and training for start-up operation based on Very Early Production Phase (150 MMSCFD) and production increase to Early Production Phase (300 MMSCFD) for the Venezuelan Field. Three on-site support and training stages with one inprocess’ process simulation expert working at Client premises in Venezuela will also take place.

  • Flow Assurance Study for Algerian Oil Field
    • 2015
    • Algeria
    • Oil & Gas
    • Spanish Engineering Company

    Flow Assurance Study based on the dynamic simulation to evaluate and identify the various problems that can be faced during start-up, shutdown, pigging operations for selected gathering system trunk lines and transfer lines of the Algerian Oil Field using OLGA Software.

  • Depressurization, MMDT and Hydrate Study for Offshore Oil Field
    • 2015
    • UAE
    • Oil & Gas
    • Abu Dhabi-based EPC

    The project’s main objective was to develop pipeline simulation models with OLGA® in order to:
    - Perform WHT topside depressurization and report minimum metal temperature and
    confirm it is within MMDT, fluid temperature at restriction orifice (RO) inlet & outlet,
    depressurization rate and depressurization time for WHTs topside well fluid and gas lift
    - Identifying all possible cases for hydrate formation and provide recommendation for
    mitigation measures to prevent the hydrate formation for all the cases.
    - Identifying the depressurization and hydrate formation cases of well fluid, gas lift and excess gas.

  • Dynamic Simulation Study for a Floating Production Unit
    • 2015
    • Indonesia
    • Oil & Gas
    • Italian Major Oil Company

    Through a series of dynamic simulation studies carried out by Inprocess our client will verify the equipment suitability for defined design cases of the floating production unit, inluding compressors, drivers, pumps, heat exchangers and columns performances. It will also evaluate the control valve sizing, the primary and secondary protection systems and the instrument ranges and alarms. In addition, the engineering model shall be used for control system design studies including Compressor surge protection, Control strategies, Controllers tuning, Shutdown philosophy and sequences (including PSD- and ESD) and Complex control sequences and procedures. Finally, the engineering studies cover operability studies in addition to verification of operational procedures.

  • Third Phase of HIPPS Study for Gas Fields Development
    • 2015
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Oil & Gas
    • Milan-based EPC

    Third phase of a dynamic Simulation Study to evaluate HIPPS system of an upstream process plant for new operating conditions, using OLGA. Inprocess was requested to verify the results
    of the previous study with the model developed by the Customer and perform a sensitivity analysis
    to determine the minimum HIPS set point to protect the Trunk line.

  • Dynamic Simulation Study for a Topside Compressor Closed Loop
    • Spain
    • Oil & Gas

    Simulation Study to verify the initial condition, control strategy and operability of the process system during closed-loop test as well as verification of the utility conditions, since the utility conditions are constrained in the test.

    The closed loop test of gas compressors intends to use inert gas. Nitrogen is used as the basic test gas, while helium can be added for cooling constraints.

  • Dynamic Simulation Studies for a LNG plant
    • 2014
    • Canada
    • Natural Gas and LNG
    • Italian Engineering Company

    The objective of the Dynamic Simulation Study was to demonstrate that the LNG Storage Tanks can act as a buffering capacity that will store all the energy released during the loading mode, by means of an increase in pressure, without reaching the design pressure.

  • Dynamic Simulation Flare Load Analysis for Oil Sands Field
    • 2013
    • Spain
    • Oil & Gas

    Dynamic simulation studies were carried out to assess the EPC company in charge of the design of the plant flare network, evaluating the flare loads from different units and for different possible contingencies