Many process engineering departments use software tools for process simulation to support the design and re-design of process and utility plants. Inprocess has been developing Training Programs to deploy simulation know-how among all engineers of an EPC, working as a subcontractor to supply expert studies (such as Dynamic Process Simulation Studies) and working together with our EPC customers to find new areas to apply simulation, adding additional value to EPC Services.

Engineering Companies expects maximum reliability from their subcontractors. Our expertise helps eliminate the risks of unexpected performance issues when developing modelling projects for EPCs.

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Related cases of success

  • Dynamic Simulation Study for Ethylene Refrigerant Compressor
    • 2016
    • México
    • Petrochemicals
    • Italian Engineering Company

    Inprocess was requested to carry out a Dynamic Simulation Study for Ethylene Refrigerant Compressor in order to study some serious operational problems that were detected during compressor start-up after driver trip (steam turbine). The aim of the dynamic simulation study in this project was to determine possible improvements in process design that could solve the detected operational problems.

  • Turbo Expander/Residue Gas Compressor Dynamic Simulation Study
    • 2016
    • Kuwait
    • Natural Gas
    • Middle East National Petroleum Company

    Inprocess delivered a Dynamic Simulation Study for a Turbo Expander/Residue Gas Compressor, for a Gas Plant Train in Kuwait in order to confirm high operational safety and reliability of the system. Consequently, the project:
    - Verified the Instrumented Protection System (response of the antisurge control system / adequacy of the Turboexpander protections)
    - Confirmed the stable operation during start-up and shutdown with existing control scheme.
    - Validated the stable Turboexpander and Residue Gas Compressor operation under minimum - maximum loadings and response to flow rate variations.
    - Confirmed the stable operation during sequencing for mode switching to / from JT mode.
    - Confirmed the adequacy of the overpressure protection system of the Demethaniser installed
    downstream of Turboexpander.

  • Flow Assurance Study for a new field development in Algeria
    • 2015
    • Algeria
    • Oil & Gas
    • Spanish Engineering Company

    The project main deliverable was the “Transient Flow Assurance” report that detailed the
    results obtained during the execution of the selected transient simulation scenarios. Steady State reports and OLGA native files were also handed over to the EPC company as part of the project deliverables

  • Dynamic Simulation Studies for the Compressors in an Abu Dhabi oil & gas field
    • 2015
    • Abu Dabi
    • Oil & Gas
    • Swiss compressor manufacturer

    In the current operating plant there are already two compression trains in operation. The Client has been required to install new compression trains whose right operation must be confirmed  under a number of predefined procedural and upset conditions through dynamic simulation.

  • Dynamic Simulation Study HIPPS verification for an offshore Libyan Platform
    • 2015
    • Libia
    • Oil & Gas
    • Italian EPC

    Due to the fact that the gas treating capacity of a Libyan platform is expected to be increased, a dynamic process simulation study is required in order to verify if the HIPPS system is able to protect the existing HP separators with the new operating conditions.

  • Delivery of an Early-OTS for a New Catalytic Reformer Unit
    • 2015
    • Bolivia
    • Refining
    • Spanish Engineering Company - Chile office

    In order to be able to accomodate the schedule changes in the main OTS project, it was proposed to final client the option to develop and deliver an \"early-OTS\" (OTS with simplified screens and control system still inside the process simulator), that was accepted as a change in scope. A number of additional days was considered for this project and for the original one.

  • Simulation studies for a series of potential distillation sequences
    • 2015
    • España
    • Fine Chemicals & Pharma
    • Spanish Energy Company - R&D Division

    A mixture coming out from a biotechnology reactor needs separation and purification in order to reach purities above 99% for some of the alcohols that are in the fermentation broth. Inprocess is requested to prepare the process simulations that will support the conceptula design study in order to select the most promising separation and purification sequence of unit operations.