Power Plants

Simulation for Engineering studies and Operator Training Systems are common requirements for the power industries, encompassing fossil, renewables and nuclear fuels. Our dynamic simulation studies and training simultors have been applied successfully in many cases, some of them listed here

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Related cases of success

  • Dynamic Simulation Study for a Combined Cycle Central in Mexico
    • 2017
    • México
    • Power Plants
    • Spanish - Mexican Joint Venture

    Inprocess carried out a dynamic simulation study for a Combined Cycle Power Plant. Inprocess established the necessary gas holdup between compressor and gas turbine to avoid pressure fluctuation and it also analysed the maximum pressure variation.

  • Dynamic Simulation Study for a Turbine and Gas compressors in a Combined Cycle Plant
    • 2016
    • México
    • Power Plants
    • Spanish - Mexican Joint Venture

    A Dynamic Simulation Study was carried out in order to analyse the transient pressure of gas turbine fluctuations. Additionally another DSS did investigate the transient pressure when gas compressor change over

  • DSS for the Compression System of a Combined Cycle Power Plant
    • 2013-2016
    • Bangladesh
    • Petrochemicals
    • Spanish Engineering Company

    Steady State check and Dynamic Simulation Study to verify the fuel supply to the gas turbine in the combined cycle is always ensured in front of several equipment malfunctions and unexpected disturbances

  • Operator Training System for a Combined Cycle Power Plant
    • 2013-2015
    • Polonia
    • Power Plants
    • Automation Systems Provider (Spanish Office)

    Development of a simulation tool, with training capabilities that will be used to train the operators of the control room of a Combined Cycle Power Plant facility. This kind of applications requires creating a dynamic model of the plant units and connecting it to software capable of reproducing the behaviour of the DCS being used to control the plant.