Inprocess is an independent service company supplying high quality technological services to key players in the Chemical and Petrochemical Process Industries. The company deploys a range of services composed of Process Simulation and Optimization Projects, Knowledge Transfer & Training Courses, Operator Training Systems, and Software Applications

Examples for the type of work that Inprocess carries out, together with its clients, are:

  • Operator Training Systems (OTS) and Lifecycle Modelling: The Inprocess team brings a unique experience in Operator Training Systems and Lifecycle Modelling, being highly efficient in building models and scenarios, allowing Inprocess to deliver OTSs in tight schedules.
  • Modelling and Simulation Services: Inprocess engineers have developed Dynamic simulation models for Safety Studies (Compression systems; Flare Systems); for Flow Assurance Studies with OLGA; for Basic and Advanced Process Control; for OTS. We have also developed Steady State simulation models for Process Optimisation, for Soft Sensors, for Refinery Reactors, for Online Models, for Flare Networks, for Heat Exchangers (individual and networks).
  • Process Simulation and Technology Courses: Inprocess has developed a large number of new process simulation training modules based on main commercial process simulators. Inprocess offers customized courses to its clients, starting from basic level up to project-based training courses.
  • Software Applications: A number of software tools have been developed by Inprocess, either to work inside a commercial process simulator (as an extension) or to work as standalone applications