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Inprocess staff participate in congresses, meetings and events where we explain our successes and work in general in the form of presentations and reports.

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    New Refinery Operator Training Simulators (OTS) for existing brownfield conversion units. A Continuous Catalytic Reformer (CCR) example case



    The CCR system plays a crucial role in the refining process, and any inefficiencies or breakdowns can have a significant impact on the productivity and safety of the facility. Having properly trained operators to handle its functioning is key for the entire refinery.




    Marc Massó


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  • Process Simulation Training Courses

    Process Simulation Training Courses

    Improve your ability and confidence in the use of the technology

    • Apply innovative simulation techniques to your daily tasks

    • Solve industry problems as efficiently as possible

    • Merge engineering knowledge with industry procedures

    • Take ownership of others’ simulations

    • Incorporate simulation best practices

  • Modeling the Tokamak Exhaust Processing system in a commercial simulator for process monitoring purposes

    Modeling the Tokamak Exhaust Processing system in a commercial simulator for process monitoring purposes

    Eduardo Iraola de Acevedo, José M. Nougués, Josep A. Feliu (Inprocess), Lluís Batet (UPC), Luis Sedano (FUS_ALIANZ)

    13th International Conference on Tritium Science and Technology (Bucharest, 2022)

    Contribution showing the modeling procedure of a critical tritium processing system such as the Tokamak Exhaust Processing using a commercial simulator typically used in the process industry. This allows new stakeholders to participate in future fusion-related projects, and will play a key role in industry-like fusion projects, in which the simulation model will work as a digital twin of the plant. At the same time, data-driven diagnostics can be fueled by model data, helping engineers to generate extra datasets that could otherwise be expensive to directly obtain from the plant.
  • Inprocess presentation at Slumberger Digital Forum 2022

    Holistic Process Digital Twins: Benefits of integrating pipeline and top-side process models

    Dr. Michael Brodkorb, Oriol Millan (Inprocess)

    Schlumberger Digital Forum 2022

    Inprocess oral contribution to SLB Digital Forum 2022 held in September 2022. This presentation conducted by Dr. Michael Brodkorb explains how to analyze the dynamic behavior and interaction between wells, remote stations, and central processing facilities by using holistic models linking OLGA (Pipelines Simulator) and a Dynamic Process Simulator like Symmetry (Processing Facilities Simulator).

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    Developing Inferentials based on Digital Twins: Distillation Cases Studies

    Jose Maria Ferrer, Landon Melcher (Inprocess)

    Advanced Control and Optimization World User Group (ACOWUG) 2022

    Inprocess oral contribution to ACOWUG 2022 held in June 2022. This presentation introduces the Digital Twins and the particular use case of creating inferentials for APC. Several cases studies are presented for inferentials implemented in different types of distillation columns with no online analyzer or problematic online analyzers. It is also shown how Digital Twins can be used in different ways (Steady-State vs Dynamics, Offline vs Online) to create the inferentials and other relevant information for the APC controller.