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Inprocess staff participate in congresses, meetings and events where we explain our successes and work in general in the form of presentations and reports.

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    Lifecycle OTS: Operations & Maintenance support

    Achieve Operational Excellence using the digital plant to support your O&M decisions

    • lmprove procedures
    • Monitor plant performance and detect bottlenecks
    • Troubleshoot operations
    • lncorporate the lessons learned during incidents into the OTS training content
    • Train new hires and re-train existing personnel on low-frequency events
    • Test and approve proposed plant changes and train operations staff before their implementation
    • Use the dynamic model for surveillance and real-time look-ahead predictions
  • Inprocess Solution for Hydrogen Networks Management

    Inprocess Solution for Hydrogen Networks Management

    The optimization of the hydrogen network signifies one of the strategic and operational priorities for refineries around the world to address the challenges of their energy transition, to meet growing demands and, at the same time, to attain clean fuel trends and achieve energy savings while reducing hydrogen generation costs.